A downloadable game for Windows, Linux, and Android

RageAgainstTheChemtrails v1.1 (c) 2014

developed by Giuseppe Perniola

RATC is a radical Defender clone game where you need to pilot an aircraft to destroy tankers that spray chemtrails in the sky, avoiding enemy interceptors and anti-aircraft cannon tanks as well.

Press ARROWS to move your interceptor, SPACE to fire missiles and D to drop bombs or you can use your joystick, too! Furthermore you can select two kind of fighter with different features.

Install instructions

It is written using C++ and SFML library, and there are executables for Windows and Linux Ubuntu (only 64 bit) as well as sources.

If you are running on Linux platform then first you should install SFML and all dependencies, go to its site for more info (http://www.sfml-dev.org). Instead, you need to do nothing on Windows, just move the folder with all dll files where you want.


RageAgainstTheChemtrails.tar.gz 31 MB
RageAgainstTheChemtrails.apk 5 MB