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It is an invasion. Good healthy food has turned bad. Pretentious coffee cups are taking over the world. Nobody is safe.

Humanity as we know it, went sober. It is a disaster. Out there is not dissimilar from a post-apocalyptic wasteland in reverse. Everything is too good, they are all healthy and caffeinated. They act like zombies, and they are now trapped in a never-ending digital torpor.

The only way to not succumb is to stay in an altered state of drunkenness. Our last hope is trapped in a pub where he just woke up from a night of drinking surrounded by hipster broccoli and mad coffee cups.

Drink and fight those absurd creatures. Save humanity from its nonsensical and oxymoronic fate.

And whatever you do... don't go sober.


code by Giuseppe Perniola
story & gfx by Giuseppe Masia

Install instructions

It is written using C++ with the SFML framework and there are executables (only 64 bit) for Windows 7/8/10/Linux.

If you are running on Linux platform then first you should install SFML and all its dependencies, go to its site for more info (http://www.sfml-dev.org). Finally you have to modify the LaunchGame.sh script file and here put the path where library files of SFML have been installed.

Instead on Windows only one step should be done, namely, OpenAL (oalinst.exe package) needs to be installed prior run the game.


AnInvasionOfSomethingAbsurd.zip 2 MB

Development log

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